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September 20th    

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CFLCFL light bulbs: 60 homes

Backyard Vegetable GardenBackyard Vegetable Gardens: 5 homes

Community GardenCommunity Gardens: 2 gardens

Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning & Marking: 50 blocks



AARP Service Day 9/20/2012
On September 20, 2012, Green Light hosted 200 AARP volunteers for a service day during AARP’s National Conference. Volunteers helped Green Light and its partner organizations provide sustainable services to New Orleans residents through Green Light’s Tip the Block program. They installed energy efficient light bulbs in 60 New Orleans homes, built 5 backyard vegetable gardens, and cleaned and marked over 100 storm drains. AARP volunteers had the opportunity to learn about New Orleans communities first-hand and get to take part in and learn about community efforts to make New Orleans a more sustainable city.
What is Tip the Block?

Tip the Block is a Green Light New Orleans program that connects residents to services that enable energy efficiency, incentivize sustainable practices, revitalize neighborhoods, and foster neighborhood solidarity. Services are provided for free to interested residents through a network of local partner organizations that address energy efficiency, food access, water mitigation, and neighborhood revitalization. Tip the Block cultivates stewardship on a neighborhood level with clear and visible incentives to encourage other residents in the block to tip toward taking similar action.

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Tip the Block
Partner Organizations:

Partner organizations for the AARP event include:

Green Light New Orleans  
Bayou Land Resource Conservation & Development  
New Orleans Food and Farm Network