Mira Cosey

"I am very excited about my own garden and very grateful. Special thanks to the volunteers who come out and build your garden. I call them and they are always there to answer any questions. I am very excited about my first harvest of cucumbers and summer squash! In these hard times it always helps to get a little extra help to put good food on my plate.Rain Barrel installed by Green Light New OrleansGreen Light New Orleans Rain Barrel Program

We reduce the impact of Rainwater in New Orleans

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Rain barrels capture and store some of the rainwater that travels thorugh your home’s downspout when it rains. Rainwater is the ideal choice for watering plants because it’s free of chemicals. Conserving rainwater can also help lower your household’s water bill, especially during New Orleans’ hot summer months!  It’s time for each of us to educate our community about rainwater management and to set a positive example for others to follow.Sam Ramirez Green Light recipient





You Can Be Part of the Stormwater Solution!

Green Light households use rain barrels for two main reasons: to conserve water for gardening and to manage stormwater, helping to mitigate some of its negative effects.

By installing a rain barrel for your household, you can play a significant role in helping to reduce localized flooding and reduce the quantity of rainwater which carries pollutants to our local waterways. In addition, stormwater management helps limit subsidence (the sinking of soils due to the pumping of stormwater) and reduces the city's carbon footprint.

Our barrels are painted by local artists and installed by volunteers and staff.

Artists painting a Green Light New Orleans barrel