Tip the Block
As part of Green Light New Orleans’ mission to increase energy efficiency and sustainable living throughout the city of New Orleans, Green Light utilizes established relationships with the participants of the free energy efficient light bulb program to engage entire neighborhoods in the implementation of sustainable living. The Tip the Block program concentrates Green Light’s impact on a neighborhood level and provides a unique opportunity to connect residents with sustainable resources, other organizations and one another.
Program Goals:
  • Advocate for environmental justice through improving the accessibility of sustainable living measures for all income levels
  • Educate communities about the environmental and economic benefits of living sustainably
  • Connect residents with each other to ensure longevity and communication of sustainability
  • Foster leadership within communities to promote growth and enable self-sufficiency
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Approach community development through sustainable and holistic methods
  • Collaborate with other established organizations to create a network of resources for residents.
  • Guide residents through the process to successfully implement services and connect them with available resources.
Program Details:
This larger-scale project organizes advocacy efforts on a block-by-block basis, spreading environmental responsibility from neighbor to neighbor. The program is initiated by designating a 9-block area where Green Light installs energy efficient light bulbs in homes. When a home in the area is installed with free energy efficient light bulbs, Green Light volunteers ask residents what other sustainable resources and services they might be interested in, such as weatherization, backyard vegetable gardens, and rain barrels. Green Light then connects residents with existing partner organizations that can provide these expert services and other desired resources. Word of mouth and effective promotion will encourage other residents in the block to make changes as well, until eventually the entire block will “tip” to more sustainable living. Multiple blocks “tip” the neighborhood and eventually lead to a more sustainable New Orleans.
Tip the Block
Partner Organizations:
Current partner organizations include: The New Orleans Food and Farm Network, TogetherGreen Fellow Hilairie Schackai, Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Hike for KaTREEna, Bayou Rebirth, Associated Neighborhood Development, Hollygrove Market and Farm.