Green Light New Orleans has partnered with the Urban Conservancy and Launch NOLA, for a project known as Umbrella, which provides residents in the Hoffman Triangle with more access to stormwater management tools. As part of the program, residents can have gutters installed at their home for no cost. They have access to rain barrels from Green Light, de-paving and other flood mitigation tools from the Urban Conservancy’s as well as job training from Launch NOLA. In addition to those measures, Green Light installs vegetable gardens and SOUL plants trees.

St. Michael Special School
The students at St. Michael Special School are among the most dedicated and hard-working volunteers Green Light New Orleans gets to work with. The students from the school, which teaches children with special education needs, have assisted Green Light’s rain barrel and garden programs. The students prime and paint the garden bed panels. Their artwork can be viewed on the garden bed panels at the Little Professor Day Care in Central City.

LSUHealth & Fairlife
Green Light New Orleans partnered with LSUHealth in December 2019 to build four 4’x4’ vegetables gardens at Little Professor Day Care, an early childhood development center in Central City. The garden will provide the children and staff at the daycare with a fresh source of healthy vegetables. Shelly Dolan, a nurse educator with LSUHealth, said instilling healthy eating habits in young children can help them later in life.
"Children, who do not regularly consume diets rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, suffer negative consequences that encompass many parts of their live. Reducing nutritional health disparities in children should be a priority. The implementation, cultivation, and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables from a backyard garden at a childcare center can be one of the best practices with the greatest impact for change," Dolan said in her garden application.

Green Light New Orleans works with universities all over the nation to educate students about stormwater management, healthy food access, sustainability and other environmental issues. Many of these partnerships are with local universities, including Tulane, Loyola and Xavier, but Green Light has also fostered close relationships with the University of North Texas, Calpoly, Ohio State University and Trinity University, each of which have worked with us during multiple Spring Breaks in recent years. These students have helped Green Light install rain barrels, light bulbs and vegetable gardens.