Green Light Volunteers

Green Light Volunteer

"What a treasured gift we received yesterday at Holy Angels Apartments. It wasn’t only the free energy efficient light bulbs for the 33 senior residents, but the gift of all the smiling faces and generous hands that provided the service. All of our residents are low-income and while they would love to have the energy efficient bulbs, they couldn’t afford them. Each one lives on a fixed income and try to budget their money as best they can. This not only provided them with the light bulbs, but it will also decrease their utility expenses. Bernie had it well organized and it went very smoothly.

I am going to get a special thank you card and have them sign it because they all wanted to know who to thank.

God bless you for your generous service",

Sr. Joyce M. Hanks, MSC
Community Administrator
Holy Angels Apartments for low-income elderly

"I am a 73-year-old Social Security recipient who is wheelchair bound and would more than welcome to get any help I can to lower my utility bill. Your program is a godsend to others of ilk and is greatly appreciated."
Frederick Harper, New Orleans

"I am a New Orleans school teacher. We have recently finished repairs to our home. My electric bills have gone sky high these past few months and look forward to seeing the savings on my bill...Thanks!"
Cherie Goins, New Orleans

"What a wonderful idea! I had a great experience volunteering and I think it's a great organization. I look forward to volunteering with you again."
Meredith Dykstra, New Orleans

The last 10 weeks with Green Light have been awesome. I have to admit, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the type of work here at Green Light, and I have come to realize that I felt that way because I didn’t know what to expect. I now feel extremely guilty for not being excited for this project. While here I have gotten the opportunity to do so many things with Green Light. What I was most excited about was the opportunity I was given to work with elementary children through the SPARK program. Working in the school and being able to see the impact a great teacher has on their class and their ability to learn new information and facts was amazing. This renewed my desire to work in the elementary school system and do my best to be a great counselor or teacher for students to help them be successful.
Beyond working with SPARK, I have also really enjoyed working with volunteers and practicing being a leader. I feel really strongly that leadership and group management skills are really important in life and working with Green Light I have more deeply developed those skills.
One of the most exciting parts of working with Green Light are the installations because you get to see how happy people are when they receive the light bulbs and how happy they are to see the environmental and monetary impact they are making. However, getting to be a part of volunteers experiencing this is even better. If a volunteer group that you trained comes back to the office after meeting good people and having an awesome installation experience, you feel like you have been a part of their great day and that is very rewarding.
Green Light is definitely a small but mighty organization with a big heart and even bigger aspirations. I am very proud to be able to say I worked with Green Light and changed more than light bulbs. :)
Jessica Corcoran, AmeriCorps NCCC Member

"This is a terrific initiative!"
Laura Paul, New Orleans

"With both my wife and I retired and living on a fixed income, we appreciate assistance from programs which help us control our resources. Given that this program also benefits the ecology, it doubles our interest in participating. We certainly want to thank everyone involved in making such a beneficial project available.
Walter Boyd, New Orleans

"Thank you so much for helping our city become more environmentally friendly - and with such a financial incentive to change from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs, I think more and more people will look for new ways to practice conservation."

"This was great! I had a $2,000 windfall today! And not only do I get the energy savings, but I don't have to buy the bulbs..."
Sylvia Beyer, New Orleans (both quotes)

"This is such a wonderful blessing. Thank you so much!"
Jerlene Bridges, New Orleans

"This is a great program. I receive Social Security and use a wheelchair, cannot change most of my own lightbulbs. The savings in utility costs over the year would be a tremendous help."
Lekoma Akate, Metairie

Thank you for allowing us to come and volunteer. We were really impressed how much a small group can accomplish. You have definitely inspired me to return to my community and try to create a sustainable lifestyle.
Anne Madrigal, University of Illinois

While working with Green Light New Orleans, I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people all over the city. Installing light bulbs in applicant’s homes was my favorite part of my time with Green Light New Orleans. I got to see so many different parts of New Orleans that I would have otherwise never seen. It really opened my eyes to the culture and diversity, and that is what makes the this city so amazing! I heard so many amazing stories and made bonds with so many amazing people that I will never forget. I loved working with Green Light New Orleans so much, especially because I know that they appreciate our help so much. While working here, I really felt like each individual person made an impact. I am going to miss working with the Green Light New Orleans vivacious staff! They are so amazing!!
Emily Shea, Rutland, Vermont

I really enjoyed working with Green Light New Orleans. It is a great organization that spreads its giving nature throughout the city. While working with Green Light I was able to meet so many good people and hear their inspiring stories while gaining a new respect and love for the city of New Orleans and it inhabitants. The staff was great and fun to work with and I was also able to develop many skills that will help me through out my life’s journey.
Stephen - AmeriCorps NCCC

We rolled up this morning coming off a week long parade of the south on a Civil Rights Tour hitting the major landmarks and museums of what made a neighborhood like this one so diverse. For seven days we have consumed information without the opportunity to react with our hands. We hit three houses and were inspired in three very powerful very unique ways. We’ve been inspired by the change great people like Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall bestowed throughout last century and are inspired by the change organizations like Green light are making in a facet of our country where oppression and racial tension still blemish its beauty.
Ben Carroll, Baylor University Student

I had a better experience with Green Light than most any volunteer experience in the past. The people that my group assisted were very appreciative. My experience reminded me of the movie, Pay It Forward. I feel that the people that we helped with their energy bills and carbon foot print were a little inspired by our spirit of volunteerism. I think we helped augment their faith in human goodness, just a little. I believe the people we helped will be a little more likely to help others in the future. Thank you, Green Light.
Max Yuratich, New Orleans