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How do I use the water of my barrel?

Green Light New Orleans financial benefit

Calculation of financial benefits:

Water Bill

1700 gallons of water = $ 38.23

1 gallon of water = $ 0.0225

50 gallon rain barrel: $ 1.12 per barrel


How much water do I collect?
The formula below let's you calculate the storm water run off from our roof in the first 1.25 inch of rain fall.
Volume of water in cubic feet = Area of rainfall in square feet x rainfall in inches x 1/12 inches to feet conversion x 7.48052 cubic feet to gallon conversion


For example:
1300 sqft roof
1.25 inches of rain

1300 x 1.25 x 1/12 x 7.48052 = 1012 Gallons


How much water ends up in my rain barrel?
If you have four downspouts at your house each downspout gets about 250 gallons. Our diverter collects roughly 80% of the water. Which means that you barrel will fill up pretty quick. We recommend at least 2 barrels per home. Our impact calculation gives you more details about your yearly savings under the assumption you use the rain barrel frequently.